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Why choose SERVPRO?

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo with phone number We are truly here to help and know that we are just like you.

They say that out of disaster comes opportunity. That is indeed the case with Thomas and Libbie Hamann who, after not one kitchen fire but two, set up SERVPRO Of Provo. That was 40+ years ago, and today they are still passing on their knowledge and experience to their staff, including their son Scott Hamann who will soon take over the business; himself an expert of 15+ years experience.

 It is our exceptional customer service that has got us where we are today, so of course, we are going to go the extra mile in every service. Our expertise in restoration work on commercial and private properties is second to none. So when any size disaster strikes your property, you know that SERVPRO of Provo is here to make it "Like it never even happened." SERVPRO is the go-to provider for restoration in Utah. Helping Commercial and private property owners with mold assessment & remediation, water/ fire damage, storm, and building work for nearly four decades.

 For a stress-free claims process, SERVPRO works with your insurance to help manage the insurance process and paperwork.

Choose SERVPRO to really get rid of your mold!

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Mold all over in a basement You don't want this to happen to your home!!

Here at SERVPRO, we can find the source of the mold problem and really tackle it. So many people put a bandaid on mold and it just tends to get a lot worse. Here are some basement tips for mold.


  1. Look for mold way beyond the visible surfaces because they tend to spread farther than the exposed parts.
  2. Remove bags, boxes, and other items in the area and put them in garbage bags, especially those that have come in contact with the mold.
  3. Remove carpets and other flooring materials that you suspect to be affected by mold. Salvageable items can be cleaned with a solution or restored with steam cleaning.
  4. Prepare a spray bottle with borax, vinegar, and water or bleach and spray the solution on the walls, windows, pipes, and other fixtures. Leave it for one to two hours.
  5. Outside, dispose of contaminated materials right away, except for clothes and carpet that can be washed and a few metal, plastic or moisture-resistant materials that you think you can clean up and save.
  6. Re-spray the surfaces in the basement after two hours. Overdoing it is better than giving mold spores more chances to grow again. Scrub the surfaces as hard as you can and use brushes on hard to reach spots.
  7. Rinse the scrubbed surfaces well, over and over again.
  8. Spray the surfaces with borax one last time before leaving them to dry.
  9. When the basement is dry,fix and redecorate it with new flooring and insulation and return the items that you removed from it.

Basements are notorious for moisture, and therefore are a breeding ground for harmful mold.

While a little mold here and there may not strike you as a serious issue, you should be aware that mold can cause health effects when being breathed in.

If your children often play in the basement and you have a mold problem, health effects can occur.

Your bet is to stop mold growth in its tracks and take measures to prevent future growth.

Identify any problem areas in your basement. These areas are commonly laundry rooms, bathrooms, and windows. Since basements are typically cold and damp, to begin with, these may not be the only areas to look out for.

Be sure to repair and replace any areas with water damage immediately, and mold can grow in these areas, and then spread to areas surrounding the damage.

Proper ventilation of your basement is also key to preventing mold growth. Ensure your bathrooms and laundry rooms are equipped with fans, as well as ensuring that any appliance that produces moisture are properly vented to the outside, and not to your attic.

Keeping windows open on dry days is an extra way to keep your basement properly ventilated.

Purchasing a basement dehumidifier is one of the most effective ways to stop mold from growing in your basement.

You’d be surprised by how much moisture is in your air every time you empty your dehumidifier! Residential units are perfect for a basement in a home.

Fire safety in the work place.

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

smoke coming out of windows Remember these tips if you have a workplace fire.

A fire is one of the most terrifying and devastating risks in the workplace which can compromise the safety of the workers as well as the public. If not killed immediately, it can cause serious injuries or even casualties and damages to the property. Hence, fire safety is really important in the workplace and should be a priority. Everyone in the workplace should be aware of fire risks and be familiar with the necessary fire safety information and ways on how to prevent fires.  If you own or manage a business where others work, fire prevention measures are of the utmost importance. For everyone’s safety in the workplace, here are some fire safety tips you can follow.


What is fire safety? Apparently, this is a set of fire safety rules that aim to reduce the damage caused by fire. If you know how to prevent fire, the damages in the workplace and injuries can also be reduced. You should also know the common causes of fire and other important fire safety information.


Most fires are caused by electrical problems such as damaged wiring, faulty equipment, and overloaded plug sockets. Faulty appliances may also cause a fire in the workplace so you should always check if your office equipment and appliances are working properly. Fixing electrical problems immediately should be a part of your workplace fire safety plan.


Overheating can also be a cause of a fire. If you have heaters at the office, never leave them unattended or place them close to flammable objects as they can spark a fire. This is why everyone should know the importance of workplace fire safety.


Some offices have their own kitchen so the workers can cook their own meals.  Nonetheless, unattended and unsafe use of cooking appliances can cause a fire. To prevent this, the employer should provide safety in workplace tips. Most workplace messages should be organized so everyone can follow them easily and consistently.


If there’s a fire in your workplace, it can be really terrifying. A lot of people tend to panic when there’s a fire, especially if they don’t know what to do. This is why everyone should know effective ways to prevent fire. During the fire, workers should follow all safety procedures in the workplace. Panicking should not be an option; instead, follow this fire safety precaution.


If you’re the one who discovered the fire, you should alert everyone in the workplace and activate the fire alarm. If it doesn’t work, raise the alarm until everyone becomes aware of the fire. Some workers won’t know how to prevent fires so you should call the fire safe center right away. The key to effective fire hazard prevention is taking action and asking for it immediately. Nonetheless, you can use a fire extinguisher but don’t forget to adhere to the fire extinguisher regulations in the workplace.


Once the fire alarm is on, Get out of the building immediately. Stay calm until you find your way to the fire exit. When you’re outside the building, let your immediate supervisors know that you are safe.


There should be an assembly point that you all agreed upon. That is where you should head to meet your co-workers and check if they are all safe. Wait until the firefighters come and get rid of the fire completely.


When your workplace is crowded or if you don’t keep your calm during a fire, there’s a chance of getting trapped inside the building. Also, there may be obstructions that won’t allow you to get out of the building. If you’re stuck in a room, you should find a way to prevent the smoke from coming inside. You may ask if there’s a window and keep calm while waiting for. If you are nervous, you will find it hard to think clearly so you should find ways on how to keep yourself relaxed. Breathe slowly to reduce your heart rate; this can you think more clearly while waiting for the firefighters.

While you’re trapped inside, think about the office fire safety tips and try to follow them. Fire and safety don’t always go hand-in-hand but if you can do any fire safety measure, you can save yourself from any possible danger.

Flood damage from a storm in your Spanish Fork home.

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck with garbage from a flood Call SERVPRO today if you have water damage in your Spanish Fork home.

When your home in Spanish Fork has been damaged from flooding from severe storms, you need the help of a professional restoration company to get your property to its preloss state again. A flooded basement or other damage that exists after a flood or storm can lead to severe damage to your property.

You need immediate Flood damage mitigation for your Spanish Fork home to protect the structure and your possessions inside. Without fast and efficient water removal, additional damage can occur. That is why at SERVPRO we do not waste any time getting to you when you reach out to us for help.

After we have extracted any standing water, we need to dry your structure by removing moisture from the air. SERVPRO techs use two different systems for drying. An open drying system exchanges moist air from inside your structure with the drier outside air. Opening windows and using fans or air movers helps to exchange the air and ventilate your home.

For the best drying conditions, the outside air should have a high temperature and low relative humidity. The difference between the specific humidity of the inside air and outside air is also essential. Before we use an open system, we take measurements to figure out specific humidity for both outside and inside air.

A closed drying system closes off the area affected from the outside air and from areas in your home that are unaffected. We use dehumidification equipment to dehumidify the air inside the home. For a closed system to work, we have to control the indoor environment using dehumidifiers and air movers. It is easier to dry areas that are smaller, so we create a drying chamber by hanging plastic sheeting around affected areas or closing windows and doors. The relative humidity in this drying chamber shouldn’t go higher than 40% RH for the proper drying of porous materials. Air condition can also be used to help dehumidify. If we set up a drying chamber, we can dry items more thoroughly and more quickly.

Provo Businesses Rely on Fast Response!

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

Road with mountains The road is open to your Provo restaurant after SERVPRO's Emergency water removal.

One of the most rewarding things about running a Provo business is a positive experience every time that they step through your doors. Small disasters can sometimes pose a significant threat to this positive experience, however, and you need to get the mess cleaned up quickly and thoroughly to prevent lasting damages to the building.

Every business owner focuses on cutting out the extra spending, even when it comes to approaching water damages to their Provo eatery. Most believe that these situations can get taken care of without professional intervention, but this is rarely the case. There are effects and lingering damages that can continue to affect your restaurant long after the initial mess has gotten seemingly cleaned up.

One of the things that you need to consider when it comes to cleaning up a mess like this is the far-reaching effects of water spreading throughout areas of your restaurant. With various flooring materials and drywall, saturation can occur in a brief period which puts a timeline on when the damage must get restored before the material becomes unsalvageable. Our SERVPRO team can say that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster because that is the commitment that we have made to the clients we serve throughout the area.

Another reason that you should consider our SERVPRO restoration services for the water damage in your facility is adverse secondary effects. Lingering water and moisture can allow mold spores present in the environment to seat and colonize. When running a restaurant, mold damage is one of the situations that could stop your business in its tracks and prove costly to remediate and verify that the health hazard of mold exposure has gotten successfully removed.

Operating a restaurant has many rewarding aspects, but when you sustain water damages in your facility, you need to act quickly to ensure that the problem does not get worse. Our SERVPRO of Provo water restoration technicians are standing by 24/7.

Snow Covered Roof, Majestic or Dangerous?

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Collapsed roof with snow on top. Not so beautiful anymore...

Did you know one square foot of compacted snow can weigh close to 50 pounds?!! Think about how much weight is sitting on your roof.  Many roofs, especially, older, flat, or structures such as carports, garages, and sheds are not always rated to support this kind of weight.  It is important to remove as much of it as you can safely from the ground.  

** We advise you to review your insurance policy and check with your agent before you have a problem.  Basic insurance policies do not cover the collapse of a structure due to the weight of snow or ice.

Check out this article from Travelers about safely removing snow from your roof before it is too late.

Beautiful but can be a disaster!

1/20/2021 (Permalink)

Icicles on a roof  Don't let this beautiful disaster happen to you.


Mother Nature’s nose drippings solidified by her icy heart. The stalactites of our man-made dwelling caves and mercantile tents. Over the ages, prepubescent children have found numerous uses for our sparkly friends of descending girth, such as target practice for snowballs, swords for ice pirates, and a flavorless popsicle treat that literally melts in the mouth. Though potentially dangerous if trodden beneath, nothing screams the ‘beauty of wintertime’ like the transparent daggers that hang from our rooftops. 
Did you know that Icicles can also be a sign that heat is leaking from your home into the attic and causing ice dams? It’s a good idea to safely check for cracks or gaps in the roof to avoid severe water damage when all the snow and ice begin to melt.

Water Cleanup in your Provo Clinic!

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

office building with green SERVPRO fans Call us today so we can get your business back to "Like it never even happened."

For all of the patients and regular traffic that your Lehi clinic receives throughout the week, your maintenance and custodial staff work throughout every day and most evenings to keep your facility in top form. When a situation like a water loss incident threatens your building, it might exceed the immediate abilities of this dedicated staff and become something better suited to fast responding certified restoration technicians like ours.

Much more than your obligation to your need for water cleanup to your Provo clinic facility, you have the patients to concern yourself with when even a modest disaster impacts your building. From the equipment and contents of your business to the hard copies of records and patient information kept in storage there in the facility, water damages can threaten a great deal when left unchecked. Our SERVPRO technicians can respond quickly to an emergency to help you preserve the at-risk items and begin removing the present water from the affected areas.

Our goal is to limit the impact that our services have on your ability to provide your services to the community. With this goal in mind, our technicians minimize our presence and work to provide the most efficient restoration possible so that your clinic can reopen in a short period. We can even offer continued cleaning services on an ongoing basis to ensure the professional appearance of your business in the future.

With water damages, structural components and construction materials are at risk for oversaturation and warping, causing them to fail or require replacement. Our initiative ensures that the preservation of these materials takes precedent over unnecessary demolition work to limit the time our SERVPRO team spends restoring your property.

Many might think that water damages on a smaller scale can get remedied easily through the use of conventional cleaning approaches. With how quickly water damage can spread and cause significant problems for your building, you should trust in our SERVPRO of Provo emergency response team to efficiently clean up the mess. 

Christmas Tree Safety Tips!

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

Christmas tree on fire SERVPRO of Provo can help if you find yourself in this type of disaster!

7 tips for preventing a Christmas tree-related fire

  • Pick a fresh tree
  • Keep the tree watered
  • Keep the tree away from heat
  • Shake the tree
  • Check the tree lights
  • Turn tree off when you’re not home
  • Get rid of your tree soon after the holidays

Winter holiday fire facts

  • Between 2013-2017, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 160 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year. These fires caused an average of three deaths, 15 injuries, and $10 million in direct property damage annually.
  • On average, one of every 52 reported home fires that began with a Christmas tree resulted in a death, compared to an average of one death per 135 total reported home fires.
  • Electrical distribution or lighting equipment was involved in 44% of home Christmas tree fires.
  • In one-quarter (25%) of the Christmas tree fires, some type of heat source, such as a candle or equipment, was too close to the tree.
  • One-fifth (21%) of Christmas tree fires were intentional. 
  • Roughly three-quarters of Christmas tree fires occurred in December or January.
  • Two of every five (39%) home Christmas tree fires started in the living room.

First aid basics for the work place

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo and fire and water Great tips for the workplace.


Nosebleeds are very common in both children and adults and can be caused by trauma to the nose or simple irritation of the mucus membranes. Do not make a nosebleed victim raise their head or lie down, as this can actually make the bleeding worse. Instead, pinch the nostrils closed for as many as ten minutes, allowing the broken vein in the nose to close.

Cardiac Compressions

Nowadays, the American Heart Association doesn’t mandate that everyone learn rescue breathing—all you have to do is put your hands over the victim’s heart and push, to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. It’s a simple technique that could mean the difference between life and death, and the American Heart Association’s statistics demonstrate this in stark terms. Consider these facts

  • Approximately 88% of all cardiac arrests do not happen in a hospital or healthcare facility, and nowhere near healthcare professional.
  • A large percentage of cardiac arrest victims appear perfectly healthy just before their attack.
  • It takes approximately 8-12 minutes on average for an ambulance to arrive on the scene of an emergency.
  • Bystander CPR could increase the victim’s chance of survival by as much as 300. 

The Heimlich Maneuver

Not to be confused with CPR, the Heimlich maneuver is supposed to help someone who is choking on a foreign object. First, ask the victim if they are choking; in an emergency situation, the person will usually not be able to talk.

How to Treat Shock

Shock occurs when too little blood circulates to the brain. This means that the brain is not receiving enough oxygen, which leads to a feeling of faintness, disorientation, and dizziness. Shock may occur:

  • after an accident involving loss of blood
  • after a serious infection, with loss of fluids
  • after a serious burn
  • after other accidents that cause loss of fluids or blood
  • as part of an allergic reaction

Stop Heavy Bleeding

If someone is bleeding heavily, they will not be able to form a clot—and they could bleed out. You can stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the wound—ideally with a sterile cloth, although you can also use ripped pieces of T-shirt or anything else you have on hand. Raising the wounded limb over the heart will also help to slow down