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Why You Should Choose SERVPRO of Provo

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why You Should Choose SERVPRO of Provo Call us Day or Night at SERVPRO of Provo

Why Should you Choose SERVPRO of Provo?

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of North Utah County is locally owned and operated, so we’re already close by and ready to respond immediately when you need us.

We’re also part of a national network of over 1,700 Franchises, which gives us access to more resources for larger cleaning or restoration projects or major storm scenarios. Emergencies do not happen at convenient times, which is why we offer our residents and commercial business owners a 24-hour emergency call-line and promise to arrange a service within one hour of receiving your call.

SERVPRO of Provo technicians are highly trained and use advanced equipment and techniques to clean and restore your home. Our focus on training and documentation help our technicians make your house feel like home again.

 The SERVPRO Employee Certification Training Program (ECTP) is a training system designed to help SERVPRO® Franchises train their employees to provide superior service. In a service business, trained employees make the difference between success and failure. Trained employees perform better, are more competent, and decrease customer complaints.

 This program provides a practical and effective method for employee training. Involvement in ECTP improves employee skills and provides an opportunity for employee recognition. It is the goal of ECTP to help develop the highest quality front line employees in the industry.

Our focus on training and documentation help our technicians make your house feel like home again. Learn more about our residential services:

Call SERVPRO of Provo today at 801-785-5228

Winter Weather Can Spell Trouble For Your Orem Home

1/29/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Winter Weather Can Spell Trouble For Your Orem Home Call us at (801) 226-1363, our 24-hour services line to speak with us, and we can send out a competent, professional team.

Late Winter Weather Can Cause Flood Damage In Orem Subdivisions

Flooding affects more than just your Orem home. Your garage, sheds, and your children's outdoor play equipment can also suffer during a flood. These items might not move around. Other items can cause damage, as well as the presence of contaminated water that invades your property.

If your residence in Orem sustains flood damage, cleaning up afterward can become a tedious and dangerous task. Because SERVPRO invests heavily in our employees' safety, we already have the personal protective equipment (PPE) that most homeowners would only use once, making it a very costly purchase. Partnering with us instead of doing things yourself becomes a cost-effective and safer alternative.
We can quickly get things back to normal for your family, “Like it never even happened,” so life can move forward and you can once again feel safe in your own home. Drying everything, from flooring to personal belongings, disposing of damaged items, and cleaning the surfaces your family touches means your home becomes safe again.

Many of the items that your family relies on to make your house a home become irreparably damaged during a flood. These include foodstuffs, mattresses, carpets and padding, many upholstered furniture pieces, and appliances. As we remove these items from your home, we take inventory that you can include with your insurance claim.

Drying your home happens quickly without equipment while cleaning surfaces makes things sanitary again. Later, our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can discuss effective methods of ridding your home of any unpleasant smells you notice. Checking for mold and mildew then, as well as before, while we carry out the initial stages of flood damage mitigation, ties all our mitigation efforts together.

SERVPRO of Provo is always ready to respond to flood damage in Genola, as well as Payson and Salem. Call us at (801) 226-1363, our 24-hour services line to speak with us, and we can send out a competent, professional team. We not only work quickly, but we are always Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Don't Panic When Your Washing Machine Causes Water Damage To Your Orem Home Call Our Experts Immediately!

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Don't Panic When Your Washing Machine Causes Water Damage To Your Orem Home Call Our Experts Immediately! If you want to make water damage “Like it never even happened,” give us a call today.

Washing Machine Malfunctions Can Damage Orem Homes

Your washing machine plays a critical role in living comfortably in your Orem residence. While these appliances can get used almost daily through the hustle and bustle of life, this also attributes to why so many of them do not get the maintenance that they need to operate at their optimal levels. As these appliances age, components wear and can break off or disconnect. Even something as simple as the barrel becoming slightly damaged can lead to substantial water loss.

While you might not attribute a washing machine to cause water damage to your Orem home, you might become surprised to learn just how readily damage from this appliance occurs. Failure of this machine can lead to water flowing endlessly onto the ground, or at the very least, the full water contents of a single load. Within moments, water on the floor of your laundry area begins to soak into flooring and wall materials, and without the proper cleaning and drying, can lead to degradation or mold growth.

Our SERVPRO professionals might not be able to repair what has gone wrong with your washing machine, but we do have the expertise and the equipment to handle the water damage that resulted. With effective extraction and drying solutions, our professionals can get to work quickly on the damaged area to prevent it from spreading farther and affecting new areas of your property.

We have advanced technology like portable thermal imagery cameras attached to electronic tablets that can show our SERVPRO team where moisture pockets exist in exposed materials and beyond. This information can serve to let our professionals set up our high-powered drying equipment in ideal locations for maximum results over the shortest period.

While this might only show you a small portion of the overall restoration process that occurs after an appliance malfunction in your home, you should know that you can count on our SERVPRO of Provo team to do the job right. If you want to make water damage “Like it never even happened.” give us a call today at (801) 226-1363.

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Provo Homeowners Facing Water Damage Call on SERVPRO for Help

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Provo Homeowners Facing Water Damage Call on SERVPRO for Help Attention Provo DIY'ers, Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Cleanup and Removal

What You Can Do When a DIY Project Causes Water Damage in Your Provo Home  

DIY projects are winning for many practical reasons, but they can carry risks as well, such as water damage. Hiring professional services can be expensive because you are paying for expertise. In an attempt to save some money, you may try to install your new sink faucet by yourself by following a few online tutorials. While there is nothing wrong with trying to do a job by yourself to save some cash, there is always a more significant margin for error when attempting to do a job where you lack experience or training.

Perhaps it comes to the water damage in your Provo home caused by a water supply line not being connected correctly to the source of water. Due to the leak being relatively small, it was able to go unnoticed for a few days. By the time you found leak under your sink, the wooden structure had already begun to bloat from absorbing the excess moisture. The best action that you could do for your home upon finding this damage is to call for professional help as soon as possible. Leaving it any longer could allow for further damages, such as the development of mold.
When you phone SERVPRO, our technicians always gather swiftly and travel to your home as quickly as possible. We realize your time is valuable and how stressful this situation can be. The quicker we act, the quicker you can get your home back in its preloss condition.
SERVPRO always arrives at your home equipped for cleaning up and removing the damage caused by the leak. Our technicians can use advanced technology to combat the water damage. To start, we can clean out everything from under your sink and then set up the drying equipment. SERVPRO uses equipment such as dehumidifiers, ventilation fans, and air movers for this task. When all three work together, they can create an optimal environment designed to lower the moisture levels of your home to an acceptable degree. Once we're sure that the moisture inside has been dried, SERVPRO can return your home to you and leave you feeling "Like it never even happened."
If a DIY project causes damage inside of your home, never neglect to get help for your home. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Provo by dialing (801) 226-1363. We're open 24/7 and always ready to travel to your home and help.

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Our Experts Can Detect And Destroy Mold In Your Provo Home

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Our Experts Can Detect And Destroy Mold In Your Provo Home Rely on our professionals when you discover mold in your home.

Do you Have Signs of Mold in Your Provo Home? You Need Professional Mold Remediation

If you are a homeowner in Provo, there are certain things to be aware of on the upkeep of your home to keep it safe for you and your family. Knowing how to spot mold before it gets out of hand is an essential factor in keeping a happy home since mold can cause health effects.

When you do have an issue with mold, you need mold remediation for you Provo home. Asking help from a professional company, like our staff at SERVPRO, is the way to go. We have the specific training and tools that are needed to find all the mold and clean it thoroughly so your home can be restored to its prior condition.

Sometimes your first clue you have a mold problem is the smell. If there is mold growing hidden somewhere in your home, there is often a moldy, musty smell. Do not ignore these odors if you cannot see any mold. Thoroughly inspect your home before the problems can get worse. SERVPRO techs can also help you find the culprit, as we have special moisture meters which can find any hidden moisture and mold.

Visibly seeing mold might seem like the obvious sign. However, many people do not notice small mold growths or believe it is dirt or soot. Visible signs of mold can sometimes merely get ignored. If you do see mold growth, even a small bit, you need to take action right away. These small patches of mold can quickly spread throughout your home, creating a bigger problem. Visible mold could also mean that there is a much larger colony growing out of view.

If you have any moisture problems in your home which are long-term, it inevitably leads to mold growth. A sign of moisture issues can include discoloration or water stains on floors, walls or ceilings. Seeing this could be a sign that you have mold growing behind or within the material.

These signs of water problems are usually made with leaks. Leaking pipes or a leaking ceiling are a signal you could have mold growing that is hidden from your view.

SERVPRO of Provo understands that finding mold in your home in Payson, Spanish Fork, or Springville can be stressful and overwhelming. That is why, when you call us for help at (801) 226-1363, we work with you to efficiently and quickly clean your home and restore it to its usual condition.

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SERVPRO Says Many Causes Can Result in Orem Retails Shops Suffering a Water Loss

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Says Many Causes Can Result in Orem Retails Shops Suffering a Water Loss SERVPRO Helps Keep Candy Shops in Orem Open after a Water Loss

Possible Causes of Commercial Water Damage in Your Orem Business

There are several reasons why your candy shop in Orem can suffer from water damage. Many people think that only major catastrophes such as storms and floods cause water damage in commercial buildings, but there are many other reasons a business can suffer from a water damage emergency.
One of the most common causes that are possible for commercial water damage in your business in Orem is a malfunctioning sprinkler system. You have to have one to protect your structure from fires, and they are the first line of defense once smoke is detected. When the sprinkler system is outdated, however, and showing signs of wear, the sprinklers might malfunction and cause damage to everything in your building. When this happens, you need the professional help of our remediation specialists at SERVPRO.
Burst pipes can also cause a problem for your business. Pipes can burst for several reasons, one being a day which is extremely cold, making water freeze inside the pipes. Because as water freezes it expands, the expansion can crack the pipes. Pipes also can burst when they are not appropriately maintained or when natural disasters occur. SERVPRO technicians can find the problem and clean up the water damage for you promptly, so you do not have to close up shop for long, or at all.

A clogged sewer system is another reason that commercial water damage can occur. Sewer lines and toilets can very quickly get clogged. When a sewer line is clogged, flooding occurs anytime someone tries pouring water down a sink or flushing a toilet. Candy shops can ill-afford such an event without negative impacts.
If your roof is not adequately maintained and checked, a small leak can go undetected, creating damage from exposure to the changing weather. Even if there is just a typical rainstorm going through the area, when there is a leak in your roof it can get inside your building and do much damage to the structure itself.
When a water damage emergency arises of any nature in your business in Santaquin, Mapleton, or Spanish Fork, get in touch with us at SERVPRO of Provo. We come and assess the damage once you call us at (801) 226-1363 so we can have your business up and running again as usual.

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Ultimate Solution to Meet Your Restoration Goals After a Provo Home Fire

1/13/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Ultimate Solution to Meet Your Restoration Goals After a Provo Home Fire Smoke and fire is never a good combination when it comes to your home. Call SERVPRO to assess and remediate your property.

Fire Damage Restoration for Your Provo Residence

If you have suffered from a home fire in Provo due to your clothes dryer, you realize how dangerous these everyday appliances can be when they are not adequately maintained. One of the common reasons for dryer fires is an accumulation of lint. Therefore, not cleaning out the lint of your dryer every time you use it can set you up for a situation that is much more serious than the lowered performance caused by the ductwork of the dryer being constricted by the lint buildup.
Fire damage in your Provo home needs to be addressed by a professional remediation company right away to prevent further damage. SERVPRO staff are fully equipped and trained to handle these situations, no matter how small or large the resulting fire was. We arrive quickly to your home once you get in touch with us as well.
Our primary goal is to remove the damage to your home and return your structure to the way it was before the fire. Cleaning to preloss conditions means removing all the effects of the fire damage. Not only do SERVPRO techs repair damages, but we remove smoke residues from the exterior and interior surfaces. These residues give off smoke odors, so we have to deodorize as well to rid your home of the malodors. Sometimes, when parts of your home are so severely damaged that we cannot return them to preloss condition, we have to dispose of them.
Fire restoration cleaning is a form of cleaning that is unique. We survey all the damage and determine which items can be restored and which ones need replacing. We keep in close contact with you throughout the restoration process, so you know what to expect, plus speak with your insurance company to make sure you are getting the compensation you deserve. We know this is a stressful time for you and so we try to take any of that pressure off of you so you can attend to your family and other matters.
SERVPRO of Provo takes special care to clean and restore your home in Orem, Genola, or Mapleton after a fire. When you call us at (801) 226-1363, you can be assured that you are getting the treatment and care you expect from a professional company.

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Provo Property Owners Attention: SERVPRO Remediates Mold Infestations

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Provo Property Owners Attention: SERVPRO Remediates Mold Infestations If Mold Spreads from Your Kid's Science Project to Your Provo Home, Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Remediation

Some Species of Mold You Can Find in Your Provo Home

If like many other homeowners you have found mold in your home, you might not know where to begin to get rid of it. The source of moisture that caused it to grow in the first place has to be found and taken care of, and then the mold can be cleaned. It is always best to ask the help of a professional remediation company, as household cleaners are usually not sufficient.
Various species of mold can damage your Provo home, which is another good reason to hire our professional staff at SERVPRO. We can help identify the source of the moisture, the kind of mold, and we have the training to know how to handle each one during the remediation process.
Although found outside many times, Alternaria can also grow in places indoors that are damp, such as underneath sinks that have leaky pipes and in showers. You can also find it in buildings which have flooded or gone through water damage of some kind. These fungi can spread from one section of your home to the next, so should be taken care of quickly. SERVPRO technicians can find mold that may be growing in the wall cavities with infrared camera imaging and moisture meters. Dormant mold spores can proliferate into large colonies and go unnoticed.
Aureobasidium can frequently be found indoors as well and can be found growing on or beneath wallpaper, wooden surfaces, and surfaces which are painted. You can also find it many times on caulking and damp window frames. Who has not seen that blackish smear on window or bathtub seals. These microbials can cause health effects for many people.
Fusarium can grow and spread at lower temperatures and can often be found growing on carpeting and other fabrics which have suffered water damage. It can also cause health effects for certain people, so you should not hesitate to have it taken care of right away.
Penicillium many times is often revealed on water-damaged materials which can include wallpaper, carpeting, furnishings such as mattresses, and insulation. It is a mold type which spreads easily and quickly from one section of your home to the next. These molds were not accidentally discovered in a Petri dish, and have no place in our home environment.
These are just a few types of molds you can find in your home in Orem, Genola, or Payson, but no matter what you come across, get in touch with SERVPRO of Provo right away for help. Once you call us at (801) 226-1363, we do not waste time coming to your home so you can have a safe and clean living environment again for you and your family.

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SERVPRO is Here to Rescue Your Business From Water Damage!

1/3/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO is Here to Rescue Your Business From Water Damage! When a water damage incident strikes your business, count on our team to clean up and restore the damage "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO - Remediating Commercial Water Damage In Spanish Fork Businesses

Spanish Fork businesses, like anywhere else, need to remain open for every customer opportunity to make a sale. For companies with a large percentage of perishable products, a shutdown for more than a few days can lead to large losses and, eventually, closing their doors permanently.

Cleaning and restoring a Spanish Fork commercial building after it suffers water damage is not a short process. When the business is a supermarket or other type of grocery store, SERVPRO does everything possible to return the building to a clean, safe condition, so the owner can not only reopen for business but also reduce the amount of produce, milk, and other items lost due to they're short, shelf lives.

First, our restoration teams clean every surface that serves or displays produce or meat with an anti-bacterial agent. That ensures every surface can be used again and is ready before the doors open.

Next, team members inspect, clean, and dry food storage lockers if water from the leak or other source managed to get inside. Thorough cleaning and drying is the only way to prevent the possibility of mold growing in corners or underneath equipment and display racks.

If the water raised the humidity level in the store, that could also increase the risk of mold growth. To lower it, SERVPRO technicians bring in dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the air. They also use exhaust fans to pull the damp air out of the store, so the dehumidifiers work more efficiently.

Our technicians also clean and disinfect the floors and walls that might have been affected by the flooding. For clean water from a broken pipe, this is not always needed, but when the business displays, sells and serves food, our teams do their best to eliminate even a remote possibility of contamination.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

At SERVPRO of Provo, we work as quickly as possible to help area businesses reopen after a disaster. If your facility has flooded from a faulty sprinkler system, or another plumbing issue, contact us today at (801) 935-8248 to schedule an appointment with one of our inspectors to determine if you need our services.

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We Can Help You Rebuild Your Orem Home After A Flood

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage We Can Help You Rebuild Your Orem Home After A Flood Give us a call whenever disaster strikes!

Rebuilding After Flood Damage In Your Orem Home

Disasters can cause significant damage and lingering effects within your Orem home. With flooding that can be common to the area throughout certain times of the year, these disasters threaten your home with extensive water damage, but also the possibility of contamination and health hazards. Often flooding occurs from rising water levels, and this high volume of water can impact wastewater facilities and sewer systems on the path to your home, for example, which can cause health risks for those exposed to these contaminated floodwaters.

A risk assessment and inspection get performed on your flood damaged Orem home initially when you contact our IICRC-certified restoration technicians. We utilize this information to determine the threats posed to the occupants of the house and our professionals on site, as well as getting a general idea of the structural concerns and irreparably damaged areas of the property that must get removed to proceed with the restoration process.

Rebuilding after a flood in your home requires professionals with the knowledge both in structural integrity and reconstruction as well as technicians with the expertise to restore areas of your home without unnecessary demolition. This fine line between preserving and reconstructing is a determination made by both our experienced SERVPRO technicians on site and our contracting division responsible for the reconstruction and replacement of removed structural elements.

Areas of your home must get removed in these situations regardless when exposed to flood water that heavily soils and potentially contaminates areas of your home. Carpeting and drywall are often among the most frequently removed of these materials, and our SERVPRO contractors can quickly replace these removed elements once the area gets cleaned and dried thoroughly.

Flood damages in your home often lead to the removal of heavily damaged structural components and materials, but our SERVPRO of Provo professionals can help you quickly rebuild and restore the effects to your property. With our comprehensive approach, our team can offer mitigation, reconstruction, and restoration services to our customers to save time and money. Give us a call whenever disaster strikes at (801) 226-1363.

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