What our Customers say...


SERVPRO is great to work with and were honest with me which I really appreciated.  My Grandmas house had a leak which was causing damage in her wash room down stairs.  They came out checked it out, identified the issue and recommended an awesome plumber.  They were honest and didn't recommend work that didn't need to be done just to make and extra buck. I will definitely call again if I need to. 

This company is great to work with! They are very quick to respond and do excellent work. I have used them on a number of occasions and always been impressed with their employees and attention to detail.

I felt prompted to leave a review of my experiences working with SERVPRO of Provo. Scott, Jason, Nicole and Ashley have all provided the highest level of customer service I could’ve hoped for. I would strongly recommend them to a friend.

Relieved! Thrilled! Happy! Amazing! Outstanding! Awesome! WOW! Not enough positive adjectives to describe my overall impressions. To go from completely devastated from my house flood to completely thrilled with the way the house turned out from all of SERVPRO's quality work is an understatement!  From beginning to end SERVPRO has been professional, honest, efficient, friendly, and reliable.  They were recommended by my insurance agent along with 2 other companies.  When I told the adjuster I chose SERVPRO (because of their ratings and customer feedback), he said "Great, I am glad you chose SERVPRO. They are the VERY BEST."

I was completely impressed from clean up to restoration!  My house looks better than it did before they flood. They were knowledgeable, on time, and so nice.  I also felt the service was very affordable.  Thank you SERVPRO. 

Our sewer backed up leaving 2" of raw sewage in the basement. I was working a 48 hour shift. Leaving my wife 4 kids to try to figure out what to do. I got in touch with SERVPRO and they came right away and with in hours they had the basement cleaned out, sprayed down and fan and dehumidifiers set up. They came back every day to check on the progress and make sure it was drying like it should. I wouldnt hesitate to us them again! Thanks Guys for all your help!!

We were very pleased with everyone who came to help.  They were so helpful and kind.  We are very grateful.  We never could have done without your service.  We have appreciated the way everyone handled their individual assignment and worked together with us. We loved them all and hope to never see them again, just socially;)

Thanks you very much for the nice job.  We really appreciate the timeliness!

Could not have had a better experience.  They were great! The restoration work was awesome, thanks so much!! 

Shylo and her team made the restoration and insurance process incredibly stress free for me.  They were very professional and amicable to the highest extent; My kids and I could not have accomplishes what we needed to without her support.  I am truly grateful they went above and beyond! Thank you!

Very professional, neat, clean, and took pride in their work.  We would definitely use them again.  

You made this whole headache disappear. Thank you so much for taking care of everything so quickly. Everyone was fabulous to work with.

We have worked with SERVPRO several times over the past few years and they have always been incredibly professional and honest and we would recommend them to anyone!

These people are the best. They really know their stuff and they provide great customer service. Sometimes I wish my house could burn down, just so I can use their services again :-)

I sent an email and they were super-fast to respond. They were on site next day and cleaned things up thoroughly and were quite quick! They even provided me with pictures. I would recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.

I work for Inside Insurance and one of our client's sump pump's malfunctioned causing their basement to flood with sewer water while our customer was out of town. Thanks to the amazing services of SERVPRO they were able to have the mess cleaned up and taken care of within 24 hours. You guys are great, thank you!

Attentive and professional. Seemed to know exactly what needed to be done...I of course have no idea if all was needed but that's why called them. No reason to doubt their competence.

Great customer service, showed up right on time, did great work.  They worked fast and cleaned up afterward. Highly recommended!

On 11/17 at noon I came home to find it raining in my basement. I had no idea what to do and quickly scrambled to get someone there to clean up. I called SERVPRO and they had their team at my house within a few hours. They quickly got to removing the water, removing the affected carpeting, and setting up the fans. They came during subsequent days to take out the drywall and some sections of the basement ceiling.
Overall, I am happy I went with SERVPRO and would recommend them. 

We were very impressed and thankful to have SERVPRO come into our home and restore it back to normal. You guys were fabulous! Thank you so much!!!

SERVPRO did a great job with this claim, even though they were hampered by the distance to our home and dumpster space.

I was very impressed with the gentleman from SERVPRO, he was very polite and kind. They were a pleasure to deal with during a hard time.

Everyone has been an absolute pleasure to work with and did a fantastic job!

We could not be happier with the service we have received from everyone at SERVPRO and the other providers they have recommended.

Thank you so much for your services to restore my flood damages condo. As president of the Stone Haven Condominium Association, I was very pleased with the flood mitigation work that SERVPRO participated in at Stone Haven. Working with SERVPRO gave me a feeling that we were in good hands. Later, when continued waiting and frustration drove me to seek my own company to handle the restoration of my personal unit. I thought of SERVPRO.

I could not be more pleased with the restoration that you did for me.  You honored your commitments, and I did not have to worry about the job you would do. I am VERY pleased, and I would recommend you and use you in the future without hesitation. The quality you provided while containing the cost was terrific. 

We were devastated when we saw the extent of the water damage from the burst water hose behind our washing machine. We called SERVPRO and they came right out that night and stayed late until the carpet had been pulled back, soaked pad removed, soaked sheet-rock removed and fans and dehumidifiers placed to dry the affected areas. They followed up with us with communication, accurate estimates and restoration work, and they worked with our insurance adjuster until it was all restored to our satisfaction and we had been paid a fair settlement amount. Thanks SERVPRO!

I appreciated so much the attitude of the service technicians. Oh, don't worry we can move that and this and we will put it back. Not a problem. My carpet space that needed help was fairly small compared to your large jobs like issues caused by nature or.....They didn't mind and they did a perfect job, and made some helpful recommendations. Plus, this is the best....they arrived on time.

We had a partial loss fire and SERVPRO was there the next day with our adjuster to get started on our process to rebuild. We have been so happy with them and would highly recommend them. The have been so good at getting us what we want and they are very good at working with insurance companies to help the owner get what they want. I felt like they were advocates for us.

Loved the service. The team was fast and efficient. Had water damage in our office and they took good care of us. Definitely recommend SERVPRO.

We had burned some chicken on the stovetop and the whole house was filled with smoke! It smelled so bad! Even my clothes in the back closet smelled of smoke. And it wasn't that campfire smoke smell; it made me want to gag gross. SERVPRO came and cleaned the whole house from floor to ceiling. They cleaned all our clothes and the kids toys in their green washing machine. Everything came back smelling great! The house no longer made me gag! SERVPRO is a very professional and fast company.

The SERVPRO team was excellent, timely, professional service. Couldn't believe our home was restored to exactly the same condition (and as quickly) as it had been before the damage had occurred.

SERVPRO's team of professionals responded quickly and with perfect timing. They exceeded my expectations. Every effort was made to minimize the impact on my daily business operations. I give my highest recommendation to others.

SERVPRO gets the full five stars! I came home from vacation only to find my upstairs toilet had leaked the whole time we were gone. I thought it was going to only be a small repair, but decided to give these guys a call. They were at my house in less than an hour, and we were able to determine that the water damage had exceeded what my initial thoughts were. Sunday morning they were there cleaning it up and it was back together less than 2 weeks later.

We had SERVPRO do the work on our house after a flood and we were extremely happy with their company. They were great at explaining the process and very competent. Their work was efficient and also excellent quality. We have used another restoration company before and were much happier with the overall experience using SERVPRO and would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

SERVPRO cleaned my carpets and they did an amazing job. With the first few swipes I was able to see a huge difference, which I couldn't see with previous carpet cleaners. Fast, friendly, and affordable!

I want to thank SERVPRO of North Utah County for their fast friendly response they showed my business. They were very professional working around my associates and customers. I have used them several times and have never been disappointed. I will always call them if I ever have need of professional clean up. Thanks again to SERVPRO for the awesome job!

A couple of weeks before Christmas, we awoke to the realization that our basement had flooded during the night, saturating two rooms of carpet and wicking up the wall board for about 2 1/2 feet. It was a sewer backup, and the odor quickly became horrendous. SERVPRO stepped in with a very professional approach and wave after wave of cheerful, competent employees...It's like a new basement! We're very pleased with SERVPRO's work.

Within two hours of an electrical fire at the Purple Turtle, on Saturday morning, January 25, SERVPRO was on the scene and their crew began arriving within the next hour to begin the restoration process. From the time they arrived, they went to work in a very effective and efficient manner and were successful in providing everything that was needed to allow us to concentrate entirely on the issues that required our immediate attention.

These guys are awesome. Their response time is unbelievably fast. They take pride and joy in their work and made me feel confident and at ease that everything will be taken care of promptly and efficiently.

We used them after our house fire and they did an excellent job. They were friendly and very easy to work with. I highly recommend this company. A+++++++

SERVPRO of Provo/North Utah County was there when I needed them most! The fire and smoke damage was terrible. When they were done it looked better than ever with no residue or most of all no smoke smell. I would recommend them to anyone!

I work for Inside Insurance and one of our client's sump pump's malfunctioned causing their basement to flood with sewer water while our customer was out of town. Thanks to the amazing services of SERVPRO they were able to have the mess cleaned up and taken care of within 24 hours. You guys are great, thank you!

I sent an email and they were super fast to respond. They were on site next day and cleaned things up thoroughly and were quite quick! They even provided me with pictures. I would recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.

A really great team and they know how to get you back to where you belong after a flood, fire etc.