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Wet Floors Cause Mold Behind Untreated Baseboards

Mold Growing Behind MoldingSERVPRO was contacted by some homeowners who had suffered a previous water loss that had not been treated correctly and the molding a... READ MORE

Mobile Home Suffers Damage from Rain Storm

A mobile home in Pleasant Grove, UT suffered dirty water damage caused by a rainstorm.  The home was not sealed off from outdoors very well and when a seve... READ MORE

Toilet Leak Causes a Mess

Toilet Leak Causes a MessA home in Cedar Hills, UT was affected by a leaky toilet.  Luckily it wasn't a leaky from gross toilet water but a leak around the... READ MORE

Downstairs Business Sustains Water Loss

An Orem, UT business owner arrived to an unpleasant surprise the morning after a severe rain storm.  The business office was located in the basement of a b... READ MORE

Broken Sprinkler Causes Water Damage inside Church, Orem UT

Sprinkler Causes Water Loss inside ChurchA broken sprinkler head outside of an Orem, UT church cause a come water damage inside a classroom in the church. ... READ MORE

Untreated Water Loss Causes Elevated Amounts of Mold

Past water loss causes elevated mold.A past water loss at a Mission home in Elberta, UT that was not cleaned up and treated correctly causes extremely elevated ... READ MORE

Chimney Fire Starts Fireplace on Fire, Lindon UT

It was a cold November day and a family in Lindon, UT was doing the same thing as everyone else, trying to stay warm.  Little did they know that a short ti... READ MORE

Small Water Leak = Big Problem, Provo UT

Water Leak in a wall ruins wall and flooring.A water leak in the wall of a Provo, UT home lead to a lot of damage to more than just the wall with the leak. ... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Orem, UT

Garage Fire A garage in an Orem, UT home started on fire causing major smoke and soot damage to the entire house and all of its contents. Most of the items... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage

Frozen Pipes and FloodingThe sub-freezing temperatures caused frozen pipes in a church in Orem, UT to burst and cause some flooding.  The pipes that froze ... READ MORE