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Wet Floors Cause Mold Behind Untreated Baseboards

Mold Growing Behind MoldingSERVPRO was contacted by some homeowners who had suffered a previous water loss that had not been treated correctly and the molding a... READ MORE

Mobile Home Suffers Damage from Rain Storm

A mobile home in Pleasant Grove, UT suffered dirty water damage caused by a rainstorm.  The home was not sealed off from outdoors very well and when a seve... READ MORE

Toilet Leak Causes a Mess

Toilet Leak Causes a MessA home in Cedar Hills, UT was affected by a leaky toilet.  Luckily it wasn't a leaky from gross toilet water but a leak around the... READ MORE

House Fire, Lehi

Following a tragic fire, this house needed to be completely gutted and rebuilt from the frame up.This is was a large loss, but SERVPRO also performs restoration... READ MORE

Restoring Family Keepsakes, Orem

Fire, smoke, and soot damage... no problem for our restoration experts.When a fire breaks out in your home the more extensive damage occurs from smoke damage. &... READ MORE

Just Venting

These had grease older than John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.We know that restaurants see a lot of heavy use, you may not have such a need but if we can do ... READ MORE

Fireplace Cleanup in Orem, UT

Cleaning years of smoke damage out of rock is no easy feat, but the restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Provo and SERVPRO of North Utah County make it happe... READ MORE

Airduct Cleaning

The only thing we didn't suck out of there was the paint spots that happened when the home was originally built.Definitely not the worst we've seen, but still m... READ MORE

Vandalism Cleanup, Orem

Not everybody appreciates urban street art. Luckily SERVPRO is here for when you prefer the blank canvas look.Vandalism in the form of "tagging" is an unfortuna... READ MORE

Flooded Church in Orem

A member of the congregation went to their local meeting only to find an inch of water in the hallway and adjacent classrooms.SERVPRO of Provo / N. Utah County ... READ MORE